Understanding EDDM

EDDM means Every Door Direct Mail. It is a direct mail strategy that aims at every door as its name implies. It is a direct mail approach for reaching your targets. If you choose a specific neighborhood to cover, EDDM will get to every house there.

EDDM is useful for people who provide universal services like cleaning, cooking, and so on. It is a useful method of reaching an entire area and letting them in on what you do. 

How does EDDM work?

This type of direct mail strategy is powered by the United States Postal Service. You pick a postal route and the postal carrier will deliver your mail to every house in that geographical location. 

This is unlike the traditional direct mail strategy that targets specific people that fits your target customers. With the traditional mailing system, you can customize your post ards, flyers, and all to suit your targets. The traditional mailing system is less economical compared to the EDDM approach.

Why is EDDM necessary

As a marketer or a business owner who needs to market his trade, direct mail is a great strategy to adopt. Like the traditional target option, EDDM is advantageous for a number of reasons including:

  • Promoting your brand

Obviously, every business owner who needs to promote their brand needs to get it across to their target. If you offer some services or have some products, people need to be aware of them.

And when they are aware, they need to buy them. Getting your targets to patronize your brands means you have to advertise yourself and your products and services. 

  • Effectively blanketing an area

If the geographical location you chose to send your mails to is saturated, this method of mailing becomes very effective. It enables you to effectively blanket a location with your mails. 

EDDM has a policy of allowing you to send 5,000 mails at a maximum and 200 mails at the minimum at a post office per day. This policy works for each post office. What this implies is that you cannot send more than 5,000 pieces from a specific post office in a day. The way around this is that you can send 5,000 pieces of EDDM at a post office and do so at another post office. Another way to get around this restriction is to have a postal permit. People with postal permits are not bound by the 5,000 pieces restriction.

  • It is cost-effective

EDDM is cost-effective. It is economically beneficial and helps you to do a lot with just a few notes. You can send a larger size of brochure and postcards which will effectively convey the information you seek to send across. If your postcard is big, it lets you incorporate the necessary information your target will need. It is a method you can adopt without a set-up fee or a permit. 

Final Words

EDDM is a great strategy for reaching your neighborhood with your business information. EDDM is not expensive and it is apt in blanketing an entire area.

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