Understanding EDDM

Every door direct mail is an easy and seamless method of getting across to prospective customers or clients who reside in a particular location, town, or city. 

This is an enterprise of the United States Postal Services designed to help improve marketing. 

With it,  you can get across to several potential clients without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is pick a viable neighborhood with potential clients. Every door direct mail will do the rest. 

Every door delivery mail is quite flexible, you can structure it to meet the demands of your business. You can choose to only mail business addresses or specifically residential addresses or even the two. It all hinges on the kind of business you run and the clients you have. 

The delivery system can also be local or national, you can decide to restrict it to just a city or neighbourhood. You can also decide to go large scale by delivering nationwide. It is for both large and small scale businesses. 

How to Start an Every Door Direct Mail 

You can start it by following these steps:

  • Create an every door direct mail account on the United States Postal Services website. This is the first step, this will grant you access to operate an every door direct mail system. 

You can opt to pay online or visit a post office near you to pay directly. 

  • After successfully creating your account, the next step is to select your target locations. That is, the places you want the mail delivered to. 

The website has a mapping tool that helps you choose your target location. You can select a town, city or even a zip code. You also get to choose whether to deliver to residential areas alone or both residential and businesses. 

  • The following stage is to develop and design your mailpiece. It should be your unique style of contacting potential customers. After designing, then you print it for delivery. 
  • After printing, you drop off the mails at your selected post office for delivery to your target locations. 

Advantages of Every Door Direct Mail 

There are several perks that come with using every door direct mail. Some are:

It is flexible

This mailing system is so flexible and allows you to choose how and who you want your mail delivered to. There are various selections available to you, including the size and type of mail. 


With it, you can reach a larger number of people without breaking your budget. This type of mailing system allows you to expand your business reach without any restrictions. 

It doesn’t count whether you keep a mailing list or not.

Once you select a particular location, your mail would be sent to everyone there. 

Final Words

Every door direct mail is a very beneficial means of reaching out to likely customers. However, in getting the best results, you need the help of a professional who is well versed in this field. 


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