Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is one example of how Google is working to keep people attached to the Google brand. Analytics is a small piece of software code that gets placed on web pages on any site. Once it is in place, it can track down the behavior of anyone who is visiting that site. Where it differs from other tracking software programs is the amount of information that the Google AI is capable of dissecting.

In-depth Benefits of GA

GA has the ability to provide incredibly in-depth information about visitors to a website. While you might have software that tells you how many people visited your page, GA will tell you how many people visited your page, how long they stayed on your page, where they actually came from in order to reach your page, and what keywords were being used to direct them to come to you.

Newport Marketing sits one on one with their customers and goes in depth on Google Analytics. This should be part of your bread and butter of the whole plan.

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