Social Media

That’s not a strange phrase; you have heard of it or probably even used it too many times. You’ve praised and criticized social media platforms on different occasions. For many of us, “social media” is a phrase handed down to us. You know, it’s one of those words/phrases/belief systems that we talk about because they have been around us as far back as we can remember, but we barely know details about them. I could allude to the general knowledge that sunlight is essential for plants to produce their food, but how do plants actually make use of sunlight? Do plants have an alternative means of food production should the sun develop its own mind and decide to stick it to us? The average man does not know any of these details. The same applies to the understanding of social media. Let me enlighten you.

Understanding What It Entails

On several platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. content, such as photos, videos, documents, and information are electronically communicated and shared among users. In a few words, social media is an internet-based design that creates a platform for such communications. Beyond that is the virtual network and community building it affords.

In our current world, over 3.8 billion people use it and in America, specifically, the number of social media users is proposed to increase by a whopping 257 million in the next two years. That tells us one of many things: it has come to stay! It’s a part of our existence. What has that got to do with anything?

Hold on now…

Think about it, the initial essence for which social media was created was for friends and family to interact. But you see, with the increasing number of users and activity on these digital tools, some businesses deemed it fit for awareness and reaching out to customers. You see they were able to see that the power of social media is particularly in that reach of communication and sharing amongst people crosswise the globe. In that wise, you must see it beyond the frivolity of using it for mere entertainment and for passing away an idle time.

Social Media Marketing and its Influence

The number of people who use social media makes up 59% of the world’s population; it’s interesting how you can have the eyes and ears of this myriad of people at the tips of your fingers. In our time, the influence of social media in the digital advertisement of business cannot be overstated.

The very primary advantage of the reach you have is commendable; thereby, increasing your product and brand awareness. But then, you should also note here that you can achieve optimum results if your SEO game is on point. You can reach a large audience and reduce costs while at it. That means you can grow an audience without breaking the bank.

With Facebook Ads, LinkedIn profiles, YouTube channels, Instagram videos, Livestream, etc., you can attract the right customers. Because you get to control the narrative, it implies the dissemination of the right information at the right time. 

Social media also affords you the opportunity of reaching your target consumers. Further, it helps in building a relationship with them. That way, you’re able to get customer reviews and feedback, work, and improve with them. This gives your customer a sense of community building. There are brands out there, like the popular Peloton, and Fitbit, which use it to create a community of customers.

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