While we are online 24/7 365. We are always looking at our customers stats online. One major player in the game is ahrefs.

What is ahrefs? Ahrefs is the newest entry into the link research tool space. They use their own bot and their own index (which they state is based on information from a trillion website connections)

Think of Ahrefs as a search tool. It will display links back to your website, your keywords your website is ranking for and how you are doing generally online.  Your rank is everything online, if you have no rank you are not being seen online.

Newport Marketing has one customer that jumped from Google Position 71 to Position number 5.  The SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) is for their Site Link and Image Pack. The stats that display position 71 is from April 19th 2019 and position 5 is May 18th 2019. In less than a month they jumped 65 spots in Google!

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