What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools

Another useful tool in the Google package is Google Webmaster Tools. This is another in-depth piece of software coding that actually lets you see how Google is viewing your site. Since Google is the largest search engine organism in the internet universe, it’s very beneficial to make sure that your website is as “Google-friendly” as possible.

Search Queries

Like GA, the Webmaster Tools will show you exactly what search queries led people to come to your site. With that information, you can actually create content that is directly connected to what terms people are searching for. Naturally, the more “on target” your content is to what people are looking for, the higher your ranking within Google is going to be.


Google Webmaster Tools allows you to see which sites have linked to your pages, both internally and externally. That way, you can quickly determine which “good” sites are working for you. By the same token, the Tools also allows you “disavow” links from sites that you decide you don’t want coming to your website.


In some ways, this bears some resemblance to the Search Query portion of the product. However, in addition to the keywords that users typed in that reach your site, Tools also shows you the keywords that Google itself finds on your site. In some cases, believe it or not, they can be two very different keyword sets. Knowing this, you can then optimize your website for the keywords that individuals and businesses are searching for.

Google has provided some extremely useful and simple to use tools for you to use for yourself and your business. By taking advantage of these products, you’ll be in a solid position to actually fine tune your website to make it both useful and engaging.

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