Why do you need an SSL Cert and the benefits

What is an SSL Cert?

A security socket layer certificate is a small data file that binds a cryptographic key with all of the details that are found on a web server. The use of an SSL cert also helps those that want to work with business SSL certs

Why do you need an SSL Cert?

It helps keep every bit of data that roams throughout the website remain kept under a consistent track. Using business SSL certs is also perfect to use when watching over every bit of data that is generated from people using your site.

How does it benefit you in regards to SEO?

SSL Certs are great for anyone focused on the balance between SEO and SSL. The use of SEO and SSL helps keep sites remain prominent throughout the Internet, so as to not lose any attention from anyone that goes to the site from time to time. Just like consumers expect to see HTTPS so do search engines. Google has officially announced SSL certificate is a ranking factor. Over time SSL will be the norm online.

Don’t forget referral data from HTTPS to HTTP is blocked while viewing Google Analytics. If you are running the old protocol and receive referral from HTTPS, you will not see it correctly in GA. Thus, impacting your SEO in a negative way.

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